Discover How Coaches are Being Paid $1,000/hr Selling Transformation and Healing
Taught By The Leading Coach and Mentor Lira Kay
Lisa Shook,
Founder of
"I went from selling $100/hr sessions... to selling $1,000/hr sessions... I was never able to have these kinds of fees before!"
About "How to Create, Market and Sell 5-figure Transformational Coaching Programs" Video Course
Are you an expert with a huge heart, following your calling, changing peoples lives? Stand with me for creating autonomy, mastery and purpose in your life! You deserve financial freedom while doing your brilliant work in the world. This online course will teach you exactly how you can sell your brilliance. . 
You will get: 

- 3 hrs of high impact video trainings that get my clients to start selling high ticket programs without spending more cash on endless lead generation or using icky sales scripts
- 5 Modules to get YOU to the HIGH END COACH STATUS this week, implement in the right order and see your coaching business skyrocket in the next 30 days
- Workbook for content creation, marketing and high ticket sales, to get started immediately
- Master Coach Kit with Coaching Contracts and Proposal Samples to be 100% sure and confident in charging 10 times as much

"You saved my life!"
Sofia Blake
"You are a miracle coach!"
Candyce Pirtle-Smalls
"You are guaranteed to get incredible results!"
Eddie Mustard
About Your Mentor
Do You Want To Learn How to Make Over $1K an Hour?
Lira Kay is an international bestselling author, founder of School Of Inspired Life, a professional training center for expert coaches and healers to become world-class and in high demand.

Lira has been assisting people to transform their lives for almost 30 years, through spiritual healing workshops, psychotherapy, art, international curatorial projects, coaching, speaking and publishing. 
Lira started her life coaching business 7 years ago and successfully led many transformational programs, such as 90 Days to Love, Be Phenomenal: Mindset To Empower, $10K From Monday To Friday and a $100K in 100 Days Challenge.
Her most popular one year programs Advanced Coaches and Healers Certification and Founders Lounge help successful coaches and thought leaders launch their own schools and academies and creates a solid foundation for a 7-figure transformational business.
After traveling the world Lira lives in Walnut Creek, CA with her husband and their 5 daughters.
You can learn more about Lira’s work at

How to Create, Market and Sell 5-figure Transformational Coaching Programs is her bestselling online course and you can get it now at 90% off and enjoy amazing BONUSES that give you tools and resources for the 12 months ahead!


Sacred Path From 6 To 7 Playbook 
A 7-figure Playbook for Serious Women Building Their Transformational Business Empires in the Next 12 Months!
Path to Easy Additional $30K/month Via High Ticket Masterminds. 
  • $20K Masterminds
  • ​ Positioning 
  • ​Lead Generation
  • ​High Ticket Sales
  • ​Delivery

Sacred Path From 6 To 7 Bonus Bundle

Tangible tools and resources to set yourself up for a successful business, not a side hustle for more clients. Position yourself to charge properly for your brilliant work in the world!
  • Fill Out Your $20K Mastermind Template
  • Speakers Kit to get you on stages
  • Book Template to Self Publish on Amazon
  • ​70 Irresistible Lead Magnet Ideas to grow your list
  • ​Easy Guide to Creating a Profitable Sales Funnel
  • ​Application Form that Sells Your Prospects Before the Call
  • ​Enrollment Call Steps - Say goodbye to icky sales scripts
  • ​Online Training on How to Charge for Your Coaching Programs

Case Study N 1

Dr Sofia Beloka

Exercise Physiologist PhD, ULB Belgium
European Adapted Physical Activity MSc, KULeuven, Belgium
European Sport Management Solvay Business School MSc, Belgium CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Practitioner, California USA
One of my clients Sofia, is Greek, lives in Belgium, speaks 8 languages, and is a PhD, however even after having a business for 7 years, had been stuck selling $100/hr gym workout sessions, endlessly hustling for clients and having a day job to support herself. In just 4 weeks of working with me, she sold her first $7,000 program, cutting her hours in half. She quadrupled her fees per hour. She hit her first 5-figure month in the next 4 weeks. 
She took her dear husband on the holiday trip to celebrate! 
A year later (she is on her second year of working with me), she is selling $10,000 group masterminds, had reached 6-figures, published a book and became an international speaker. Her private work is now $30,000 for a fun 7 day retreat. 

Hafrun Zsoldos

Hafrun, a talented mystic and a coach from Iceland, came to Lira after investing a big sum of money with other coaches, but having no success in her various spiritual businesses. She felt disappointed and didn't know how to get herself out of rut.
In the first 3 weeks of working with Lira, she sold her first coaching session for $888!

Case Study N 2

Edie Mustard

Founder, CEO, 
Mustard Splatter Design, 
"Lira Kay truly is phenomenal. Before I stared working with Lira my business was a side hustle, I only had a few clients, but was working long hours and undercharging for all the work I had done. 

As an introvert, finding and talking to new people was challenging and charging for my value was more so. Lira showed and taught me how to work and share my skills and strengths to the right audience. By doing this my leads grew and now the clients I attract and work with are who I really want to be working with, and can compensate me for my dedicated hard work. 

I was able to leave my full-time job a few months after Lira and I started working together, so now I am able to commit fully to my passion and have doubled my income. 

Without Lira I would still be feeling stuck in my prior profession. Lira’s understanding, kindness, incredible knowledge and experience pulled me out of my shell and gave me an understanding of where I am headed and how to reach my biggest dreams. 

I can’t thank her enough for all that she has done and highly recommend investing in her! You are guaranteed to see incredible results."
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